Adapting ICMM's 'Integrated Mine Closure: Good practice guide' into training materials


ICMM has released a training package aimed at improving awareness and strengthening capabilities in integrated mine closure planning. The training targets site-based staff with a role in closure planning and delivery, but who may not necessarily be closure specialists. 

Based on the key concepts of its Integrated Mine Closure: Good practice guide, the training materials are presented as six training modules in slide pack format:

  1. Integrated mine closure introduction (45 minutes)
    • High level executive summary and training overview
  2. Closure planning across the mining lifecycle (2 hours)
    • Integration into life of mine planning
    • Closure governance
  3. Planning for closure (1 day)
    • Knowledge base
    • Closure vision, principles and objectives
    • Post-closure land use
    • Social transition
    • Identifying and assessing risks and opportunities
    • Success criteria
    • Closure costs
  4. Stakeholder engagement (2 hours)
    • Engagement for closure plan development
  5. Implementing closure (1 day)
    • Closure activities
    • Progressive closure
    • Closure execution plan
    • Temporary or sudden closure
  6. Post-closure activities and site relinquishment (0.5 days)
    • Monitoring, maintenance and management
    •  Relinquishment.

The slide decks have embedded facilitator notes, providing suggestions on how to structure the modules and training.

The materials also include a facilitator’s guide and a series of A3 activity maps, which accompany each module. The activities are based on ICMM’s Closure Maturity Framework.

ICMM. (2020). Adapting ICMM's 'Integrated Mine Closure: Good practice guide' into training materials. Retrieved from

Slide deck
Adapting ICMM's 'Integrated Mine Closure: Good practice guide' into training materials