Closure maturity framework: Tool for closure user guide


This tool outlines a Closure Maturity Framework to assist members in operationalising the key elements of the Integrated Mine Closure: Good Practice Guide at the asset level. The illustrative closure maturity criteria at its core, linked to different maturity levels, are intended to support implementation of good closure practices at an operational level throughout the mine life cycle.

The Closure Maturity Framework is designed to help companies Map their current position, Motivate for improvement and Measure the status of assets on their journey to sustainable closure. It is also intended to stimulate conversation amongst industry stakeholders
to converge thinking, decision making and drive positive industry change.

Key intended outcomes include:

  • Operationalise the ICMM Integrated Mine Closure Good Practice Guide by integrating closure into business planning and decision making
  • Allow assets to map their current maturity level and their aspirational level to drive continuous improvement
  • Foster a common understanding between different business units of where closure planning and implementation is currently, and where it could be
  • Enable and drive honest conversations between different levels within a company
  • Inspire and drive positive change and performance improvement across the industry

The Closure Maturity Framework is also expected to assist in ensuring alignment across the industry on a path to performance improvement for closure.

A maturity framework typically defines structured levels that describe how well the systems, processes and practices of an organisation can reliably produce required outcomes. In the context of mine closure, it offers a way to understand the levels of maturity for any given asset in terms of closure planning and implementation.

The Closure Maturity Framework allows operations to understand and evaluate where they are positioned today, track their performance towards implementing sustainable closure, and identify what elements are needed to strengthen their systems, processes or practices to reach their aspirational maturity level.

The Closure Maturity Framework is designed to articulate a pathway towards achieving a desired post-closure land use and closure vision, considering aspects of mine design, operations and technology availability and development.

Also includes a Closure Maturity Framework Excel tool.

ICMM. (2020). Closure maturity framework: Tool for closure user guide. Retrieved from ICMM • Closure Maturity Framework

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Closure maturity framework: Tool for closure user guide