End of mining operations at Ranger Uranium Mine

Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation

The Mirarr Traditional Owners welcome the conclusion today of uranium mining on their country with the end of processing at the Ranger Uranium Mine adjacent to Kakadu National Park. The ending of active operations comes some 40 years after the Commonwealth government, which originally owned 50% of the mine, imposed uranium mining on traditional owners.

The CEO of the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation, representing the Mirarr, Justin O’Brien, said it is now timely for a reckoning of the commitments made by the Commonwealth and to improve regulatory arrangements.

“It is timely today to assess the promises made by the Commonweath to the Aboriginal community when mining was imposed in Kakadu. The government of the day overruled universal Aboriginal opposition and imposed a mine it half-owned. Now is the time to redress such past injustice and the inadequacies in the regulation of Ranger’s rehabilitation and, beyond that, to assess the administrative arrangements imposed by the Commonweath on Kakadu National Park in the 1980s,” Mr O’Brien said.

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Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation. (2021, January 8). End of mining operations at Ranger Uranium Mine. Retrieved from https://gac-v3.katalyst.com.au/news_items/cessation-of-mining-operations-at-ranger-uranium-mine

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Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation
End of mining operations at Ranger Uranium Mine