Enduring community value from mining: Conceptual framework (Working paper CW007)

Jocelyn Davies, Yiheyis Maru and Tracey May

The aim of this analysis is to develop a framework for realising the concept of Enduring Community Value (ECV) from mining. The framework aims to inform design of policy, action and research that promote ECV from mining through the sustainability and resilience of social, economic, cultural and ecological systems. It is a foundation for identifying robust opportunities for enduring value through visions and plans developed synergistically by communities, mining companies and other partners. 'Enduring community value from mining' refers literally to lasting or persistent benefit to groups of people and entities who have some kind of stake in this economic activity. The emphasis on 'enduring' contrasts with the relatively short-term and extractive nature of mining operations. Values beyond economic benefits need to be considered because of the potential positive and negative impacts of mining on other social-ecological dimensions. Values that need to be generated from, and/or maintained during, mining will also be affected by special features of communities in and around the vicinity of mining operations.

Davies. J., Maru, T. Y. and May, T. (2012). Enduring community value from mining: Conceptual framework. CRC-REP Working Paper CW007. Ninti One Limited: Alice Springs.

CSIRO, CRC for Remote Economic Participation, Australian Government, Ninti One Limited
Enduring community value from mining: Conceptual framework (Working paper CW007)