Environmental rehabilitation and repurposing

European Commission

Aims and scope

The aim of this toolkit is to provide guidance on environmental rehabilitation and repurposing with an emphasis on governance processes.

Who is this toolkit for?

  • National and regional authorities, and local governments.
  • Stakeholders (such as civil society organisations).
  • People engaged in political debate and local development processes.

Key messages

  • Environmental rehabilitation and repurposing of former mining assets is an important challenge for coal regions in transition.
  • Environmental rehabilitation and repurposing aims to protect citizens and the environment by creating a safe and healthy environment.
  • Environmental rehabilitation and repurposing itself attracts new businesses and creates new jobs.
  • Financial risks of closure could make public sector intervention inevitable.
  • Mine closure can provide the opportunity to better integrate redevelopment and repurposing plans so that they are aligned with public, long-term spatial and economic development interests.
  • The application of tools and good practice guides can help to bolster knowledge and capacity.
  • Enhanced coordination to speed up implementation, as well as acceptance among the local population, are preconditions for successful transitions.

European Commission. (2020). Environmental rehabilitation and repurposing. Retrieved from https://ec.europa.eu/energy/topics/oil-gas-and-coal/EU-coal-regions/resources/environmental-rehabilitation-and-repurposing-toolkit_en

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Environmental rehabilitation and repurposing