Finland: Restructuring policy in the 1980s

Paavo Talman and Markku Tykkyläinen

This chapter describes the regional policies that have been adopted to cope with the changing economic situation in the Finnish mining industry. It shows how the regional policies adopted have enabled most local authorities to cope with the closures without any dramatic migration or unemployment, even in some of the critical mining communes such as Taivalkoski, Vuolijoki, and Outokumpu. The mining commune in which the mine and the mining community is situated, is the basic adminstrative areal unit. According to legislation this is, by communal type, either a town or rural commune.

Paavo, T. & Tykkyläinen, M. (1992). Finland: Restructuring policy in the 1980s. In C. Neil, M. Tykkyläinen & J. Bradbury (Eds.), Coping with closure: An international comparison of mine town experiences (pp. 169-191). London; New York: Routledge.

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Finland: Restructuring policy in the 1980s