Governance of transitions

European Commission

Aims and scope

This toolkit provides insights into three [sic] key questions for regions intransition.

  • How to build effective governance models?
  • How to design and implement stakeholder engagement processes?
  • What role does social dialogue play in the governance of the transition?
  • How to increase the role of civil society in the transition?

Who is this toolkit for?

  • Regional and local authorities.
  • Governmental agencies responsible for regional development.
  • Civil society organisations.

Why do we need this guidance?

  • Regional transitions require multiple stakeholders tocoordinate efforts. This is particularly difficult since coal regionsoften do not correspond to a clear administrative boundary.
  • A participatory and inclusive process builds and ensuresownership and strengthens the legitimacy of the transition.
  • The involvement of civil society within transition governance isoften cited by regions as a particular challenge.

What is governance?

The various ways in which different actors and factors worktogether in the pursuit of a collective goal, and the formal andinformal means by which they can be influenced.

European Commission. (2020). Governance of transitions: Design of governance structures and stakeholder engagement processes for coal regions in transition. Retrieved from

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Governance of transitions