Government engagement: insights from three Australian states

Jo-Anne Everingham

This project sought to establish current state priorities for socially responsible mine closure and smooth regional post-mining transitions in the Australian state jurisdictions of New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. It concentrated on priorities that are not yet evident in legislation and cultivating state authorities’ interest in the work of the consortium. The project aimed to:

  • Better understand current and emerging expectations and role of Australian governments in ensuring attention to social aspects of closure
  • Identify government strategies for improving the ‘afterlife’ for mining communities and regions
  • Articulate regulator roles in protecting the public good and ensuring a positive socio-economic legacy of mining
  • Facilitate two-way communication between the consortium and governments and identifying ways for government departments to connect to the consortium’s work.

Everingham, J. (2020). Government engagement: Insights from three Australian states. Brisbane: Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining. University of Queensland.

Project report
Government engagement: insights from three Australian states