Mining regions in transition – a global scan – TECHNICAL REPORT

Jo-Anne Everingham, Kamila Svobodova, Éleonore Lèbre, Sandy Worden and John Owen

The study of Mining regions in transition – a global scan determined the location of the world’s mining regions by applying clear, consistent approaches to defining those regions. This report presents the reasoned process adopted for identifying, analysing and comparing the capacity of mining regions to transition through the final stages of the mining lifecycle.

This technical report’s main sections are described below:

  • Section 2 has three subsections - identifying regions, identifying mining regions in transition and analysing capacity of MRITs to transition. Each subsection provides working definitions, concepts and methods applied at that step. The sequence is ‘mining regions’, ‘mining regions in transition’ (MRITs) to closure and ‘capacity to transition’.
  • Section 3 provides supplementary data and descriptive statistics of the 46 MRITs identified in the study. The section expands on the summary details provided in the main report.
  • Section 4 briefly notes methodological contributions of the study.
  • Section 5 provides details of the data sources that were central to the research.

Everingham, J., Svobodova, K., Lèbre, É., Worden, S. & Owen, J. R. (2020). Mining regions in transition – a global scan. Technical report. Brisbane: Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining. University of Queensland.

Mining regions in transition – a global scan – TECHNICAL REPORT