Mining with communities

Marcello M. Veiga, Malcolm Scoble and Mary Louise McAllister

To be considered as sustainable, a mining community needs to adhere to the principles of ecological sustainability, economic vitality and social equity. These principles apply over a long time span, covering both the life of the mine and post-mining closure. The legacy left by a mine to the community after its closure is emerging as a significant aspect of its planning. Progress towards sustainability is made when value is added to a community with respect to these principles by the mining operation during its life cycle. This article presents a series of cases to demonstrate the diverse potential challenges to achieving a sustainable mining communiry. These case studies of both new and old mining communities are drawn mainly from Canada and from locations abroad where Canadian companies are now building mines. The article concludes by considering various approaches that can foster sustainable mining communities and the role of community consultation and capacity building. 

Marcello M. Veiga, Malcolm Scoble and Mary Louise McAllister (2001). Mining with communities. Natural Resources Forum (special series on mine closure), 25, 191-202.

Journal article
Mining with communities