Planning for integrated mine closure: Toolkit


The process of closure planning using this toolkit advocates integration on a number of fronts, such as:

  • Between the closure practitioner(s) from the distinct stages of a mining operation’s development as they make decisions that affect closure at different times along the lifecycle (e.g., the exploration, feasibility, construction, operations, corporate and decommissioning teams);
  • Between the different operational disciplines of a company during each particular stage, for example between the individuals/teams that deal with social and environmental planning, feasibility and design, financial management, risk management, budgeting and resourcing and, an important component, strategic planning; and
  • Between the company and the various external stakeholders who provide input for, take ownership of and participate in the closure planning and execution processes required for successful outcomes.

The tools and guidance provided in this document bring community engagement, early closure planning, operational implementation of progressive closure planning and a cross-functional approach into effective exit strategies.

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Planning for integrated mine closure: Toolkit