Proactive stakeholder involvement - Tulawaka's key towards successful closure

M. G. Kamuzora

Social aspects of mine closure, in particular for the broader stakeholders like employees and local authorities, are often not realised during mine feasibility, construction and operations. In the haste to fulfil the appropriate permitting requirements, these considerations are given limited attention in the environmental and social impact assessments. The goals more often are to reassure regulators and investors for project takeoff. Tulawaka Gold Mine is a short life operation located within the Biharamulo forest reserve in north-western Tanzania. It will be the first mine in Tanzania to enter the unknown territory of mine closure, hence all the focus from regulators and community. Moreover, African Barrick Gold has three other mining operations and one development project within the country, which consequently adds increased pressure on defining the objectives to realise a successful closure of Tulawaka, as it will impact the company's future in Africa. During operations Tulawaka was aware of the importance of aligning its social development objectives with those of the community it operates in; it had initiated formal stakeholder engagement forums with the local community at a district level. It is these interactions that identified the gaps requiring central govenrment intervention for the Tulawaka closure, providing for the formation of the National Closure Forum. Furthermore, the National Closure Forum cultivated a wider focus on social closure to attain a successful closure of the Tulawaka Mine. Initial social closure planning concentrated on impacts on the local community and authorities; however, third party involvement pointed out the importance of having closure plans for employees, suppliers and contractors. The vision of leaving behind a positive image is within grasp, as common understanding on closure objectives for all stakeholders have been included in reviewing the closure plan. 

M. G. Kamuzora. (2010). Proactive stakeholder involvement - Tulawaka's key towards successful closure. In A.B. Fourie, M. Tibbett, & J. Wiertz (Eds.), Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Mine Closure. Australian Centre for Geomechanics, ViƱa del Mar (pp. 187-192).

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Proactive stakeholder involvement - Tulawaka's key towards successful closure