Review of current public policy measures relating to mine closure

Caroline Digby

Today there are a multitude of different approaches taken to regulating mine closure in different parts of the world. There are significant knowledge gaps and little comparative analysis of what is working. This review of public policy measures relating to mine closure aims to determine the extent of convergence and divergence in the approach and content of mine closure regimes, regulatory trends, and the extent to which mine closure policies and legislation are effective or not. The results are intended to provide guidance to members on how to approach closure in a less-regulated environment, improve their ability to identify emerging regulatory trends and inform their own policies. ICMM and its members will use the results to better understand how and where regulation varies, and the strengths and weaknesses of the various approaches. Ten jurisdictions are reviewed to reflect a range of geographies, approaches and maturities: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Africa, New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland, Arizona, British Columbia, New Mexico, Chile and Peru. The review includes an analysis of the regulations from a legal perspective (Maturity/stability of the mine closure regime, legislative structure, nature of the state authority) and 7 focus areas: integrated closure planning, EHS requirements, financial assurance systems, relinquishment and post-closure obligations, socio-economic requirements, transparency stakeholder engagement and public participation and the role of international standards.

Digby, C. (2015). Review of current public policy measures relating to mine closure. Centre for Sustainability in Mining and Industry: Johannesburg.

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South Africa
ICMM Mine Closure, Land Use Working Group
Review of current public policy measures relating to mine closure