Social aspects of mine closure: governance & regulation

Anthony Kung, Jo-Anne Everingham and Vlado Vivoda

This project extends previous CSRM work on closure regulation and closure bonds. We reviewed mining regulations across 10 jurisdictions around the world. The objective was to build a knowledge base of how regulators are approaching social aspects of closure. This involved collating, organising, and characterising over 40 Acts, regulations, and policy documents. We found that no jurisdiction had passed regulation specific to social aspects of closure, and all tended to focus on biophysical aspects of closure. Social aspects of mining received attention in relation to approvals, but not generally for closure.

The evidence gathered in this project can be mobilised to support subsequent work. We suggest a collaboration between industry, government, and other stakeholders to develop model regulations that account for a variety of perspectives and reflect realistic operational parameters.

Kung, A., Everingham, J., & Vivoda, V. (2020). Social aspects of mine closure: governance & regulation. Brisbane: Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining. The University of Queensland.

Narrated PowerPoint & report
Social aspects of mine closure: governance & regulation