Sustainable employment and welfare support

European Commission

Aims and scope

This toolkit gives practical guidance on how to accompany labour market transition in coal and carbon-intensive regions, and focuses on:

  • providing short-term support for workers;
  • providing medium- and longer-term actionsfor employment and job creation

Who is this toolkit for?

  • Representatives of local and regional government.
  • Social partners (representatives of employers and trade unions).
  • Partner organisations in worker support services.

Why do we need this guidance?

The decline of jobs in coal-fired power plants and coal mines will continue or even accelerate in the future. In mono-industrial and industrial communities, a threat to the core industries will have severe economic consequences. These are relatively tightly-knit communities and the transition process needs to take into account that transition poses cultural and behavioural challenges. Different actions will be required depending on the pace of coal phase-out.

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Sustainable employment and welfare support